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History of
The Gospel Bill Show

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The Gospel Bill Show began to be seen around the world starting in the 1980s. With a mix of humor, drama, a wild western backdrop, and a Biblical lesson focus, it quickly became a favorite among viewers and a staple of 1980s Christian television.

Willie George, executive producer and lead actor of The Gospel Bill Show, first became a Christian in 1972 during a James Robinson crusade. He then began working in church children's ministry.

In 1979, he started Willie George Ministries, which began producing Bible study materials under the name "Faith Roots School of the Bible". One of the materials published was a book called: "The Adventures of Gospel Bill."

In 1983, The Gospel Bill Show television program began airing. The show was about Sheriff Gospel Bill (Willie George) enforcing the law in the small town of Dry Gulch during the time of the old west.

Other characters included his deputy Nicodemus, store owner Miss Lana, Elmer Barnes, and other characters, along with always-causing-trouble-bad-guys like Luther Bedlow (a dual role by Willie George). It also featured puppet dramas featuring Oogene and Jeannie Mae, Oogene's own segments "At the Zoo with Oogene" and "At the Farm with Oogene", and other puppet dramas based on Bible stories. There were also Christian music videos featuring songs by Nicodemus (Ken Blount). Episodes would end with a one or two minute illustrated sermon from Gospel Bill about the lesson of the show.

As the show aired on television, viewers could join the "Gospel Bill Video Purchase Club," where you could get VHS tapes on a consistent basis with more Gospel Bill Show episodes. You could also get the Drama Music Videos VHS series, which would feature music videos from the show featuring Nicodemus (Ken Blount).

While many children were introduced to The Gospel Bill Show through airings on television, churches had the opportunity to purchase children's curriculum from Willie George Ministries, along with Gospel Bill Show episodes on VHS, to show for children's ministry and other church events. Some materials would have specific themes, such as yearly The Gospel Bill Show Hallelujah Nights. Many children from the 1980's and 1990's have fond memories of this Halloween-alternative event at churches where, instead of the usual halloween celebration, a special Gospel Bill episode could be played during the event at their local church.

In 1986, Willie George opened Dry Gulch, U.S.A, a Christian summer camp. Advertisements for this camp began to be shown as bumpers during The Gospel Bill Show airings.

In 1987, Willie George founded the Christian church, Church on the Move.

The Gospel Bill Show led to a series called Adventures in Dry Gulch (which could be viewed as additional seasons of The Gospel Bill Show), and then a follow up series called Bill Gunter: US Marshall began airing in the early 1990s. There were also three movies based in the universe of The Gospel Bill Show and Bill Gunter: The Gunslinger, Covenant Rider, The Treasure of Eagle Mountain. The three movies featured guest stars such as Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis.

According to Ken Blout's ministry website, over 200 episodes of The Gospel Bill Show programs were produced.

In the late 2000s, Willie George Ministries released an 8 volume DVD box set of The Gospel Bill Show featuring 32 episodes. This was the first time episodes of The Gospel Bill Show have been available on DVD.

Today, "Gospel Bill" continues to lead the church he founded and continues providing children's ministry materials. Ken Blount has his own speaking ministry with a focus on marriages and raising children, along with continuing to produce music.

DVD / VHS releases, reviews, and more information about The Gospel Bill Show >>>
The Gospel Bill Show history page updated: March 26th, 2016 @ 9:04 AM Eastern Time

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